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Direct Primary Care

Your physician works for you and what you need.

The patient/physician relationship is restored.

Your health and well being is the top priority.

Reduced number of total patients.

Hour long appointments.

Preventive, acute, and chronic medical care when you need them, as often as you need them.

Accessible care via email, phone, and text.

Same day/next day appointments.

Discounted labs and injections.

Direct primary care is not insurance, it's ASSURANCE.



If you were to define a Family Medical practice, Bethesda Medical is where you would start the definition. They serve: the staff, from front desk to the exam room; understand what it means to serve.

As Pastor of a congregation, I learned the importance of being there for the people.

Dr. Graham practices the same principle and I am grateful he and his staff have been there when I needed it.


Because they care.

Pastor Terry Webster



October is the start of flu season. Protect yourself and family by getting your flu vaccine. Call the office to schedule your flu shot appointment today.

Flu shot for established patients: $20



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