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“The engine is the heart of the plane, but the pilot is its soul.”

– Sir Walter Alexander Raleigh

Once you have completed the Form 8500-8, you will receive a confirmation email that contains a confirmation number. You don’t have to complete this online form before you call to schedule an appointment, but it will save you from having to call back if you do take the time to complete it first.


For veteran pilots, be sure to schedule your flight physical well in advance of your license expiration date. It may help keep your blood pressure in an acceptable range.


Before you can complete a flight physical, you need to complete the online Form 8500-8 (APPLICATION FOR AIRMAN MEDICAL CERTIFICATE OR AIRMAN MEDICAL & STUDENT PILOT CERTIFICATE). This form can be found at


[The FAA MedXPress system allows anyone requiring an FAA Medical Certificate or Student Pilot Medical Certificate to electronically complete the FAA Form 8500-8. Information entered into MedXPress will be transmitted to the FAA and will be available for your AME to review at the time of your medical examination.-excerpt copied from FAA website]

Dr. Graham is a Senior Aviation Medical Examiner with the Federal Aviation Administration. This designation authorizes him to perform flight physical examinations and issue aviation medical certificates for student and veteran First, Second and Third Class pilots.

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