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What kind of doctor is Dr. Graham?


Dr. Graham is a family medicine doctor who can take care of your whole family. Dr. Graham also has special interest in travel and aviation medicine.



“The one who asks questions does not lose his way.” – Akan proverb

Do you accept patients with insurance?


Yes, we accept patients with insurance, but the patient is responsible for 100% of our cost whether they are being seen on a one-time basis or signing up for a one-year membership. We will provide the necessary documentation for a patient to file a claim with their insurance company. This helps us to keep our cost down.



2024 membership pricing for new patients:


This year we are offering two convenient options for enrollment.  If you wish to pay your annual fee in its entirety, the cost for 2024 is $720 per person.

On the other hand, if you prefer to spread out your payments over the year, you may enroll in our payment plan option. There is a one time $150 registration fee, then monthly membership fees are $65 per month for 12 months, for a total of $780 per year.  

Family memberships are available for families of 4 or more. Family memberships for one year paid in full is $2,160. With the family membership payment plan, there is a one time $360 registration fee and then $195 per month for 12 months, for a total of $2,340 per year.


What services does the one-year membership fee cover?


It includes unlimited office visits, client priced phlebotomy/lab service (labs drawn in-house, but tested through Quest Diagnostics), prescription renewals, specialist referrals, vaccine administrations and 24/7 access via phone, text and email.

What do you charge for a visit?


Dr. Graham will see patients on a one-time basis for $150.00. A one-time office visit is usually appropriate for acute illnesses, sports physicals for school or for a travel consult.

Do you do physical exams for pilots?


Yes. Dr. Graham is a Senior Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) with the FAA. We provide flight physicals for First, Second and Third Class pilots.

What do you charge for a pilot’s exam?


We charge $150 for an FAA flight physical and $50 for an EKG if needed. Please call our office for more information: 417-831-0022. 


Please remember to fill out your (online FAA Form 8500-8 application) and call our office with your confirmation number prior to your appointment.


Here is a link to the website:


Can I walk in for an appointment?


We don’t have the capability to see patients who decide to walk in because our schedule is set in advance. It is best to call as soon as the office opens to see if we have had any cancellations. Patients are seen by appointment only.

When I leave a voicemail message, sometimes it take a long time to get a callback. Why?


We have a small staff of three employees, Dr. Graham, our nurse and office manager. We often assist each other. The patient in the exam room is our highest priority. We do recommend that you call back if you have not received a response within an hour. If it’s not urgent, send an email, too. We do get to calls as soon as we can.

When I need refills of my medications, should I call the office?


It is actually easier and quicker if you contact the pharmacy when you need refills. Even if you do not have refills left, the pharmacy will contact our office to authorize the renewal of your prescription. It is a good practice to call in your refills at least 48 hours before you run out of your medication.

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